Friday, 6 July 2012

Steps to create a XML Publisher Report

Steps to create a XML Publisher Report


1] Add the “Xml Publisher Administrator” Responsibility to the user through the front end.
2] Create the Report(Data Model or we can say the .Rdf file) using Oracle Report Builder.
3] Set the user parameter as p_conc_request_id.
4] Add the default values to the Before Report and After Report triggers(not mandatory)
5] Ftp the Report to the Cust_Top/Report/Us.
6] Open the Oracle E-Business Suite then go to Sysadmin>Concurrent>Program>Executables, Here we have to create one executable file for that Rdf.
7] Then go to Sysadmin>Concurrent>Program>Define, Here we have to make a Concurrent Program for that Executable. Make sure that the output format must be XML.
8] Goto the Sysadmin>Security>Responsibility>Define. Query for the Xml Publisher Administrator. See the Request Group attached to this. Attach the Concurrent Program to this Request Group.
9] Design the template in Ms Word(Using the .Rtf file).
10] Goto responsibility XML PUBLISHER ADMINISTRATOR. Then Goto HOME>DATA DEFINITION>CREATE DATA DEFINITION and create a new data definition. Make sure that your Data Definition’s Code should be same as Concurrent Program’s Short Name used by you to create the Rdf file.
11] Now go to Xml publisher administrator>Home>Template. Create a new template with template type=’Rtf’. Then upload the RTF File by browsing the path.
12] Now go to the Responsibility and run the request.

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