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This section provides procedures for the following tasks that you may perform as you work with anchors:
·         Anchoring objects together
·         Viewing implicit anchors
·         Moving an anchor
Anchoring objects together
Anchoring objects assures that the anchored object will move with the parent object. An object can be anchored to only one other object.
To anchor objects together:
1.      In the Paper Layout view, click the Anchor tool in the tool palette.
2.      Click an edge of the child object and double-click an edge of the parent object.
A line is drawn from the child to the parent. A small box appears at the end of the line that is attached to the parent object.

Viewing implicit anchors

By default, you see the explicit anchors created in the Paper Layout view of the Report Editor.
To view information on both implicit and explicit anchors:
1.      In the Object Navigator, choose Tools > Options > Navigator to display the Object Navigator Options dialog box.
2.      Click the Layout tab, and select the Anchoring Information check box.
With this option selected, you can see all information on both implicit and explicit anchors in the Object Navigator.
Note: By default, objects are anchored to the upper left corner of their enclosing object. If this view of the Object Navigator does not show anchoring information for an object, you can assume that the object is anchored to its enclosing object, which might be the frame or the body.

Moving an anchor

Moving an anchor changes how the objects will be displayed in relationship to each other.
To move an anchor:
1.      In the Paper Layout view, click the anchor.
2.      Click the Reshape tool in the tool palette, then drag one of the anchor endpoints to its new location on the object edge.
To move an anchor along an object edge:
·         Press the constrain (for example, shift) key when moving the anchor.
To change the position of the anchor on the object edge, as a percentage down or across from top to bottom or left to right:
1.      Double-click the anchor object to display the Property Inspector.
2.      Set the Child Edge Percent property or Parent Edge Percent property to a new value.
To change the edge on which the anchor is positioned:
·         Set the Child Edge Type property or Parent Edge Type property as desired.

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