Saturday, 21 July 2012


About the Live Previewer
The Report Editor’s Live Previewer view enables you to preview and inspect your report output page by page.  You can also work directly with the report output to customize and refine the appearance of your report.
About the Layout Model view
The Report Editor’s Layout Model view enables you to define and modify the layout model objects for a report.  In this view, objects and their property settings are represented symbolically to highlight their types and relationships.
bout the Parameter Form view
The Report Editor’s Parameter Form view enables you to create a Runtime Parameter Form for your report.  You can select pre-defined system parameters for your form using the Parameter Form Builder, or you can create your own.
About the Report Editor
The Report Editor is a work area in which you can manipulate the objects in your report directly or by changing the settings on their property sheets.  Within the Report Editor window, you can navigate between four different views of your report:  the Data Model view, Layout Model view, Parameter Form view, and Live Previewer view.

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