Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Steps for Creating New Operating Unit in a multi org set up.

Following are the steps to be performed while creating a new company setup.  Multi Org is already installed .  The below steps apply when new Operating unit needs to be added which will use same operating unit and same Set of Books.
What is a set of books (11i) or Ledger (12R)? This is the logical entity (a company) reporting tax to the Government. This is mainly for the federal government or Union Government of the country.
Operating Unit is basically a logical division or sub-division of a company that the company management decides to operate. Hence, one set of books (or ledger) will have many operating units. The operating units are also called sub-ledger.
1- Create a new Organisation structure.
Go to Organzation form and define a new Organisation.
Specify the classifications :Specify it as a operating unit . Save and then go to Others region and specify the legal entity and set of book wil default from the legal entity.If you want a different set of book then you need to create a new Legal entity as an organization.
2- Define Responsibilities – AP,AR & GL
For this go to system Administration – Security- Responsibility
3- Update Profile Options Specific to Operating Units .
Set Profile Option for Each Responsibility
Go to System Administration – Profiles – System
1 -MO:Operating Unit
You must set the MO:Operating Unit profile option for each
responsibility. Set this profile option to the appropriate operating unit
id (ORG_ID) for each responsibility. The operating unit context for
each responsibility is set via this profile option.
2- GL: Set of book Name
3- HR: User Select Both as the value for each responsibility or any other value also as required . Specify module specific profile options ( Like AR: Batch Source etc.) now or you can specify later on but above three are mandatory and specify it beofre going to next step.
4- Run the Replicate Seed Data for this new Operating unit
5- Create Users and assign the above responsibilities and now you are ready  to set up and use the new AP,AR and GL. .
US HRMS Manager responsibility > Work Structures > Organization > Define

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