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The general meaning of report is summary details of business actives.
The process of Data extraction and the display is called Report generation. The purpose of report is for making business decisions. Oracle provides a GUI based report writer tool called Report Builder. Oracle Reports is a tool for developing, displaying and printing production quality reports.
Oracle Reports is Oracle’s award-winning, high-fidelity enterprise reporting tool.
It enables businesses to give immediate access to information to all levels within and outside of the organization in an unrivaled scalable and secure environment. It is a tool to developing reports against data stored in Oracle database. Oracle Reports, a component of the Oracle Application Server, is used by Oracle itself for the E-Business Suite. Many large customers are using Oracle Reports as reporting tool for their enterprise applications.
Accessing non-Oracle data sources
Oracle Reports enables you to access any data source. The pluggable data source (PDS) architecture replaces Oracle Open Client Adapter (OCA) and the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers, which are no longer supported in Oracle Reports. However, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is one of the pluggable data sources available that can utilize the JDBC-ODBC Bridge, allowing access to any ODBC data source.
Ø       Now Oracle Reports has great feature like (in 10g) output in Any Data, in Any Format, Any Where.
o         Any Data
§          Unlimited queries
§          Multiple concurrent connections
§          Join data from different sources
§          Re-entrant wizards
§          Bind- and Lexical parameters
o         In Any Format
§          Unlimited formatting – full control over layout & format
§          Specialized technologies for paper and web publishing
§          Exception formatting, Personalization via XML
§          Multi-byte character support for PDF, HTML, RTF
§          High-fidelity graphing
§          In single execution, send report output to :
·          Multiple Destinations
o         Email
o         Printer
o         File..
·          Multiple Output Formats
o         HTML
o         PDF
o         Spreadsheet..
o         Anywhere
§          Out-of-the-box support for wide variety of destinations
§          Open Java-API for Creating your own destinations
§          Powerful distribution facilities
§          Bursting of Report Sections to different destinations
Ø       Data Modeling, paper and web layouts ,styles, templates, graphs

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