Saturday, 21 July 2012

Layout Model-Multi-layout-reports

There is always a necessity to provide users to run report in
multiple languages. Say English, German, French. We have to develop such report with multiple layouts.
Create 5 layouts each in a separate main frame.

Create these 5 main frames one below the other. No layout should cross x-axis and Y-axis.
After that create one user parameter and write a format trigger on all the main frames.
--In format trigger of first Main frame mention
-- for first layout to display
if :p_parameter = 1 then
 return true;
end if;
--In format trigger of second Main frame mention
-- for Second layout to display
if :p_parameter = 2 then
 return true;
end if; 

Similarly write format triggers for all the remaining 3 main frames.

When you run the report, Based on the value you provide for p_parameter the format trigger
will display only one frame

If You enter p_parameter value as 1 then first layout will
be displayed as output.
If You enter p_parameter value as 2 then second layout will
be displayed as output.
Create anchors between the frames, so that there won’t be any space left when other
frames are not displayed.
Read more on anchors:
These multi layout report concept is mainly useful when developing reports
to run in multiple languages.

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