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This Post describes the necessary setups required to setup a Default printer and default number of report copies for a user in Oracle Applications.
When ever a user in Oracle Applications try to print a report it automatically prints to the default printer specified and prints the no. of copies as mentioned in the
Required Setups
Following are the steps required to complete the set ups
Go to System Administrator Responsibility:
Go to System Profiles:
Now the system profile form is opened
Give the values in the fields User and Profile (User name is nothing
But, to which user you want to add default printer and profile value as
%Printer %)
After providing the above values click on Find Button
If you click on Find button it takes you to the following form,
Give the printer name for which user wants it as a default to his login in the
Field specified below under User Column.
Profile Option Name: Printer
User: <Username>
Printer Name: <printername>
Click on save.
In order to set no. of copies of the out put file to the printer at user level
select the profile value “Concurrent Report Copies” as shown in the below image
By default the report copies option is 1 at site level for any user. This profile
value can be changed from default value (which is 1), when the user wants to
print the no. of copies of out put file to greater than 1.
After applying the profile, save it.
After this setup the user can only print to the specific printer setup & also the number of prints when he runs the concurrent program.

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