Friday, 20 July 2012


Documentation plays a very important role in oracle apps implementation projects. Oracle as part of the AIM Methodology has provided certain jargons for various kinds of documents at different stages of the project. So here is a blog post detailing the same:

BR Documents: Business Requirement Documents, which is mostly done by the Functional Persons of the Implementation Team like Functional Project Leads / Managers. These documents are the Set up Documents, which is 100% based on the BR 120 – Business Requirement Gatherings as provided by the business.
You can say these are As Is process. So BR 100 is the To Be Process after you gather all sorts of info from the Biz and map in the Oracle Systems.
MD Documents: Modular Designing Documents, which are is mostly done by the Technical Persons of the Implementation Team like Technical Project Leads / Project Manager. These documents are the Design Documents, which is again based on the BR 120 – Business Requirement Gathering as provided by the business.
These MD’s are of basically discussed on any customization needs or any special behavior oracle system should work which is not the Standard Oracle Functionality. These also discuss about the tables and the Interface Tables or forms which are going to be used in the particular modules. It also discusses about the High Level Designs like Flows of the Business and all.
These MD’s are basically made after you all Functional Design and if there is no work around Oracle System provides for a particular Test Scenario and there is no other way other than to go for the Customization.
Now you can understand the basic difference between these two.
Here is the overall flow with various documents involved in every stage:
First Stage : Analysis
Document used :
RD 120 – Requirement Gathering – As Is To Be Process
BR 150 – Fit GAP Analysis (It’s been done on the basis of above doc)
Second Stage : Designing
Document used :
BR 100 : Set up Document for the Functional Consultants
MD 200 : Set up Document for the Technical Consultants
Third Stage: Build – DEMO / PROTO TYPE
Document used :
BR 050
Fourth Stage : Testing
Document used :
TE 050
Fifth Stage : Go Live
Six Stage : Post Production

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