Friday, 20 July 2012

How to prepare for an oracle apps interview

How to prepare for an oracle apps interview

Preparation for an interview is very important. Even your dressing and appearance counts. I have few tips which could help you get some edge in your interview.

I have conducted many interviews in my previous organization; I have even attended many interviews. So, I could tell you what the interviewers expect from you when you apply for the role of an oracle apps techno functional consultant.

You have to prepare yourself in the following topics:

  1. You have to be strong in PL/SQL. There are some set of standard questions in pl/sql that every interviewer will ask. Refer the following Oracle Apps Interview Questions:  
  2. Say, you worked in oracle order management then you have to know the following flows in details along with the table involved in the process
    1. Order to Cash flow
    2. Drop ship process
    3. RMA process
    4. Internal Sales order process
    5. Back to Back order process
  3. If you have not worked on R12, then you need to even prepare on the new feature of R12.
  4. Questions will be asked on RICE components that you’ve already worked on.
  5. Last but not least, your communication skills & the level of confidence you show will add to your performance.

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