Monday, 16 July 2012

Informatica Experienced Interview Questions – part 3

Hi readers. These are the questions which normally I would expect by interviewee to know when i sit in panel. So what i would request my reader’s to start posting your answers to this questions in the discussion forum under informatica technical interview guidance tag and i’ll review them and only valid answers will be kept and rest will be deleted.
51.Can u copy the session in to a different folder or repository?
52.What is tracing level and what are its types?
53.What is a command that used to run a batch?
54.What are the unsupported repository objects for a mapplet?
55.If your workflow is running slow, what is your approach towards performance tuning?
56.What are the types of mapping wizards available in Informatica?
57.After dragging the ports of three sources (Sql server, oracle, Informix) to a single source qualifier, can we map these three ports directly to target?
58.Why we use stored procedure transformation?
59.Which object is required by the debugger to create a valid debug session?
60.Can we use an active transformation after update strategy transformation?
61.Explain how we set the update strategy transformation at the mapping level and at the session level?
62.What is exact use of 'Online' and 'Offline' server connect Options while defining Work flow in Work flow monitor? The system hangs when 'Online' Server connect option. The Informatica is installed on a Personal laptop.
63.What is change data capture?
64.Write a session parameter file which will change the source and targets for every session. i.e different source and targets for each session run ?
65.What are partition points?
66.What are the different threads in DTM process?
67.Can we do ranking on two ports? If yes explain how?
68.What is Transformation?
69.What does stored procedure transformation do in special as compared to other transformation?
70.How do you recognize whether the newly added rows got inserted or updated?
71.What is data cleansing?
72.My flat file’s size is 400 MB and I want to see the data inside the FF with out opening it? How do I do that?
73.Difference between Filter and Router?
74.How do you handle the decimal places when you are importing the flat file?
75.What is the difference between $ & $$ in mapping or parameter file? In which case they are generally used?

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