Monday, 16 July 2012

Informatica Experienced Interview Questions- Part4

76.While importing the relational source definition from database, what are the meta data of source U import?
77.Difference between Power mart & Power Center?
78.What kinds of sources and of targets can be used in Informatica?
79.If a sequence generator (with increment of 1) is connected to (say) 3 targets and each target uses the NEXTVAL port, what value will each target get?
80.What do you mean by SQL override?
81.What is a shortcut in Informatica?
82.How does Informatica do variable initialization? Number/String/Date
83.How many different locks are available for repository objects
84.What are the transformations that use cache for performance?
85.What is the use of Forward/Reject rows in Mapping?
86.How many ways you can filter the records?
87.How to delete duplicate records from source database/Flat Files? Can we use post sql to delete these records. In case of flat file, how can you delete duplicates before it starts loading?
88.You are required to perform “bulk loading” using Informatica on Oracle, what action would perform at Informatica + Oracle level for a successful load?
89.What precautions do you need take when you use reusable Sequence generator transformation for concurrent sessions?
90.Is it possible negative increment in Sequence Generator? If yes, how would you accomplish it?
91.Which directory Informatica looks for parameter file and what happens if it is missing when start the session? Does session stop after it starts?
92.Informatica is complaining about the server could not be reached? What steps would you take?
93.You have more five mappings use the same lookup. How can you manage the lookup?
94.What will happen if you copy the mapping from one repository to another repository and if there is no identical source?
95.How can you limit number of running sessions in a workflow?
96.An Aggregate transformation has 4 ports (l sum (col 1), group by col 2, col3), which port should be the output?
97.What is a dynamic lookup and what is the significance of NewLookupRow? How will use them for rejecting duplicate records?
98.If you have more than one pipeline in your mapping how will change the order of load?
99.When you export a workflow from Repository Manager, what does this xml contain? Workflow only?
100. Your session failed and when you try to open a log file, it complains that the session details are not available. How would do trace the error? What log file would you seek for?
101.You want to attach a file as an email attachment from a particular directory using ‘email task’ in Informatica, How will you do it?
102. You have a requirement to alert you of any long running sessions in your workflow. How can you create a workflow that will send you email for sessions running more than 30 minutes. You can use any method, shell script, procedure or Informatica mapping or workflow control?

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