Saturday, 21 July 2012

XML Publisher File Structure

The XML Publisher(XMLP / BI Publisher) requires a Template layout and Data XML to generate the report in PDF, EXCEL, RTF or HTML format. The Data XML can be generated from Oracle Report and thru Data Template.
The data template is the XML document whose elements communicate the following information to the data engine.
    Data Query : The SQL query with bind parameter specifying the data to be fetched.
    Bind Parameters : Definition of each bind parameter defined in the query.
    Data Structure : Definition of the Output XML Structure.
    Data Triggers : Triggers that should be executed before or after the data query execution. Triggers are used to either do initialization or do some post query operation.
A datatemplate file is an xml file, it contains the following sections:
     1.    Parameters
a.    Parameters
b.    Lexicals
     2.    Data Query
·         sql statements – q1
·         sql statements – q2
·         link Q1 and Q2
     3.    Data Triggers
     4.    Data structure
·         Groupname-1
o    element-1
o    element-2
·         Groupname-2
o    element-1
o    element-2

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