Monday, 16 July 2012

Informatica Experienced Interview Questions - Part2

Hi readers. These are the questions which normally I would expect by interviewee to know when i sit in panel. So what i would request my reader’s to start posting your answers to this questions in the discussion forum under informatica technical interview guidance tag and i’ll review them and only valid answers will be kept and rest will be deleted.
26.What is Data driven?
27.What is batch? Explain the types of the batches?
28.What are the types of meta data repository stores?
29.Can you use the mapping parameters or variables created in one mapping into another mapping?
30.Why did we use stored procedure in our ETL Application?
31.When we can join tables at the Source qualifier itself, why do we go for joiner transformation?
32.What is the default join operation performed by the look up transformation?
33.What is hash table Informatica?
34.In a joiner transformation, you should specify the table with lesser rows as the master table. Why?
35.Difference between Cached lookup and Un-cached lookup?
36.Explain what DTM does when you start a work flow?
37.Explain what Load Manager does when you start a work flow?
38.In a Sequential batch how do i stop one particular session from running?
39.What are the types of the aggregations available in Informatica?
40.How do I create Indexes after the load process is done?
41.How do we improve the performance of the aggregator transformation?
42.What are the different types of the caches available in Informatica? Explain in detail?
43.What is polling?
44.What are the limitations of the joiner transformation?
45.What is Mapplet?
46.What are active and passive transformations?
47.What are the options in the target session of update strategy transformation?
48.What is a code page? Explain the types of the code pages?
49.What do you mean rank cache?
50.How can you delete duplicate rows with out using Dynamic Lookup? Tell me any other ways using lookup delete the duplicate rows?

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