Monday, 16 July 2012

Copying Files using PLSQL

Hi all
Most of the time we have requirement of moving files….we normally use the Shell script to move the files…
It is not mandatory we need to use shell scripts.
There are plsql api’s which can move files from one location to other location..

I think every one is aware of UTL_FILE .even it has some limitations…like the directory strucuture used by it should be in the UTL_FILE_PATH in init.ora …or Directory object should exist for that path…

For copying the file..
Utl_File.Fcopy ( src_location => p_file_location
,src_filename => p_file_name
, dest_location => p_arch_location,
dest_filename => p_arch_file );

For removing the file..:


We can use this package when the directories are fixed and only file movement should happen..if you want to create directories at run time
I think shell scripting is a better option…

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