Monday, 16 July 2012

Changing Oracle Applications LOGO

We got this requirement to change the logo after some little search a good article i found in metalink 468971.1 .

1. Attributes of the login page

It is possible to control the display of some attributes of the login page, for instance user name or password hints, language switchers, forgot password link, corporate policy message, etc.

For this, you need to set the profile option 'Local Login Mask' (FND_SSO_LOCAL_LOGIN_MASK) with a number being the sum of the mask values described in the table below:

Description ask value

Hint for Username (USERNAME_HINT) 01

Hint for Password (PASSWORD_HINT) 02

Cancel button (CANCEL_BUTTON) 04

Forgot Password link (FORGOT_PASSWORD_URL) 08

Registration link (REGISTER_URL) 16

Language Images (LANGUAGE_IMAGES) 32

Corporate Policy Message (SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT) 64

For instance the value 32 (default) displays only the language icons and value 127 will show all the attributes on the page. Please see the attached screen shots as an example.

The change takes effect immediately after re-login to E-Business Suite.

2. Message texts

It is possible to modify or add text on the login page by changing the value of some messages.
The following table shows the related messages and their default value:

Description Default value
FND_SSO_COPYRIGHT_TEXT Copyright (c) 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT Corporate Policy Message

Note that some messages can be used elsewhere that in the login page.

The 'FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT' message is only displayed when the mask
value 64 is added to the profile option 'Local Login Mask'. The text will appear at the bottom of the page. Please review Note 391826.1 if you want to add a long text.

To change the value of a message:
1. Go to "Application Developer" responsibility
2. Select "Messages" from the menu
3. Query the message name and then enter your message text in the "Current Message Text" field
4. Save changes and exit
5. Clear cache and bounce Apache to see the change

Note that these message values can be updated by a patch.

3. Corporate branding logo

The Oracle logo is displayed on various E-Business Suite pages and can be changed by setting the
'Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications' (FND_CORPORATE_BRANDING_IMAGE) profile option to the full path name of an image file (.gif) that contains your corporate image.

However it is not possible to use this method for AppsLocalLogin.jsp since it is hard coded with the Oracle logo image file 'FNDSSCORP.gif'.
The non supported solution consists in:

1. Go to the $OA_HTML directory
2. Backup the AppsLocalLogin.jsp file
3. Copy your own corporate branding image under $OA_MEDIA directory
4. Edit the AppsLocalLogin.jsp file :

from :
ImageBean imgBean1 = new ImageBean("/OA_MEDIA/FNDSSCORP.gif", FND_ORACLE_LOGO);

to :ImageBean imgBean1 = new ImageBean("/OA_MEDIA/", FND_ORACLE_LOGO);

5. Clear caches and bounce Apache to see the change

4. Other modifications

AppsLocalLogin.jsp being a Java Server Page you can change the HTML or Java code (for instance with JDeveloper), create you own messages in the Messages Dictionnary thru AOL responsibility, etc., if you want to add other customizations. This is considered a customization and thus not supported by Oracle. If you apply patches replacing AppsLocalLogin.jsp the file will be overwritten.

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