Monday, 16 July 2012


  • Use links to connect each workflow task.
  • We can specify conditions with links to create branches in the workflow.
  • The Workflow Manager does not allow us to use links to create loops in the workflow. Each link in the workflow can run only once.
Valid Workflow :
Example of loop:
Specifying Link Conditions:
  • Once we create links between tasks, we can specify conditions for each link to determine the order of execution in the workflow.
  • If we do not specify conditions for each link, the Integration Service runs the next task in the workflow by default.
  • Use predefined or user-defined workflow variables in the link condition.
  1. In the Workflow Designer workspace, double-click the link you want to specify.
  2. The Expression Editor appears.
  3. In the Expression Editor, enter the link condition. The Expression Editor provides predefined workflow variables, user-defined workflow variables, variable functions, and Boolean and arithmetic operators.
  4. Validate the expression using the Validate button.
Using the Expression Editor:
The Workflow Manager provides an Expression Editor for any expressions in the workflow. We can enter expressions using the Expression Editor for the following:
  • Link conditions
  • Decision task
  • Assignment task

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