Monday, 16 July 2012

Why do we Use Shell Scripting

We use Shell Scripts to obtain the following purposes.
1. Customizing your work environment.
2. Automating Your Daily Task.
3.Automating Repetitive Task.
4.Executing Important Procedures like shutting down the system,formatting a disk,Creating a file system on it,mounting the file system,letting the users use the floppy and finally un mounting the disk.
5.Performing the same operation on many files.

When Not to use Shell Scripting :
  1. Is too complex,such as writing an entire billing system.
  2. Requires a high degree of efficiency
  3. Requires a variety of Software tools.
Usage of Shell Scripts with in Informatica:
1.To run an batch via pmcmd.
2. To have header and footer in case we are goanna write to an flat file
3.To run the command task.
4. To update parameter file with session start time and end time

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