Monday, 16 July 2012

Useful Information about LOG & OUT Files

Where do concurrent request or manager logfiles and output files go?
The concurrent manager first looks for the environment variable
$APPLCSF. If this is set, it creates a path using two other
environment variables: $APPLLOG and $APPLOUT
It places log files in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG, output files go in

So for example, if you have this environment set:
$APPLCSF = /u01/appl/common
$APPLLOG = log
$APPLOUT = out

The concurrent manager will place log files in /u01/appl/common/log,
and output files in /u01/appl/common/out
Note that $APPLCSF must be a full, absolute path, and the other two
are directory names.

If $APPLCSF is not set, it places the files under the product top of
the application associated with the request. For example, a PO report
would go under $PO_TOP/$APPLLOG and $PO_TOP/$APPLOUT
Logfiles go to: /u01/appl/po/9.0/log
Output files to: /u01/appl/po/9.0/out
All these directories must exist and have the correct permissions.

Note that all concurrent requests produce a log file, but not necessarily
an output file.
Concurrent manager logfiles follow the same convention, and will be
found in the $APPLLOG directory

What are the logfile and output file naming conventions?
Request logfiles: l.req

Output files: If $APPCPNAM is not set: .

Where: = The request id of the concurrent request
And: = The id of the user that submitted the request

Manager logfiles:

ICM logfile: Default is std.mgr, can be changed with the mgrname
startup parameter
Concurrent manager log: w.mgr
Transaction manager log: t.mgr
Conflict Resolution manager log: c.mgr

Where: is the concurrent process id of the manager

Normally where do you find the out and log files..
i always learnt that they will be in the corresponding top
out and log directories.
But i never checked..
Last week i got a requirement to find the files and when i check i dont find any out files or log files in the corresponding Top.
later after some hard work i find that there is a setting.If that is not specified only then they will be stored in the out and log files.

$APPLCSF The value of this will determine where log and out files

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