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Some Of Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews

Some Of Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews

1. What Is the Forms Registration Process.
2. What is the forms registration process using back end.
3. What are the default packages added to a TEMPLATE.fmb
4. Where do you save the FMB / FMX files. AU_TOP
5. What is the Report Registration process.
6. What is the Report Registration Process through back end.
7. How do you link the parameters of your query in Report Registration.
------through the token
8. Can you create two lay outs for a report.
---yes,using additionl layout
9. If yes, how can you activate the required layout.
----- format triggers
10. What are return codes for the report after execution.
11. What is the Purchase Order Flow.
12. What is the Order Management Flow.
13. What is the data flow including tables in Purchase order Module.
14. What is the data flow including tables in OM module.
15. When an order is closed.
----whenever we can supply the items to customers fully at the time order closed.
16. What is the difference between Internal order and Intra Order.
17. What is the flow for Internal Order.
18. What are refcursors.
----it is oracle object,execute multiple selct statements at runtime.
19. What is pick slip grouping.
----we can recive the receipt from the supplier.
20. what are the tables updated when the material is received against a purchase order.
Wsh_delivery details.
21. Write control file to convert the data from flat file to staging table.
22. Can we enter transactions in a closed period.
23. What are different types of Purchase orders available.
24. What are different types of Value sets.
25. Where do you use a pair type of value sets.
26. Where do you use a special type of value sets.
27. How do you create a table value set, which is dependent on another table type value set.
28. Write a sql command to find out the Nth Maximum salary of an employee.
29. What are different validation types.
30. What is the syntax for SQL* Loader.
31. What are different types of triggers available in FORMS and its sequence.
32. Where do you save the .PLL files in 11i Directory structure.
33. Where do you save the SQL script files in 11i Directory structure.
34. Where do you save the SQL*Loader Control files in 11i Directory structure.
35. What are different execution methods and what is used for SQL Scripts.
36. How do you attach a request group to a responsibility using back end.
37. How do you create a PDF file output for reports.
38. How do you copy your RDF/FMB/FMX files in UNIX Server.
39. What is the difference between a Request group and Data group.
40. What are the valid events can pass through CUSTOM.pll.
41. What are different schema structures.
42. How do you place a KFF / DFF value on a report.
43. What is RMA in Sales Order.
44. What are different handlers available.
45. how do you know how many rows effected when updating a table when not using cursor?
46. What is back order.
47. What an implicit cursor will return when %ISOPEN is used.
48. What are different profile option levels.

1. What are lexical parameters?
2. Where do you give conditions basing on your lexical parameters? (in which trigger)
3. What are the different transaction types in OM?
4. What are the achievements in your total exp.?
5. what is the PL/SQL procedure registration process?
6. What will be the status of your own custom developed PL/SQL procedures when the application is migrated to later versions?
7. What are different tools to convert data from flat file to oracle tables?
8. What is the flow you have done, while doing an interface?
9. how do you join the shipping tables like WSH_NEW_DELIVERIES and WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS?
10. Can we use a function in select query?
11. How do you know that, a po is created based on which requisition?
12. Write a query to find out the 2 highest salaries of each departments?
13. What are external tables? Have you used them? Give a syntax for creating an external table?

1. What are different cursors available?
2. What are cursor attributes?
3. Can we use sql%found in Explicit cursors opened in cursor for loop?

4. What is token?
==link between report builder bind vari to concu parameters.
5. What is init pragma exception?
6. How do you define a table type value set depending on another table value set?
7. In this case, if the child parameter has sequence no. as 5 and the parent parameter has sequence no. as 10, what is the effect? When you will get the error and what is the error?
8. What is the order flow including tables effected at each stage?
9. What is the hierarchy of Multi org concept?
10. Where do you define the ‘Set of Books’ in Multi Org Concept?
11. In which table, you will get Organization_id and in which tables, you will get org_id?
12. What is Run alone report?
===we submitting the report at the time we can restrict the another users.
13. What is incompatibility in Report definition?
===not equal to another concurrent program.
14. What you have done for an interface?
15. What is the procedures you have done?
16. Any API used in your procedures?
17. What are different APIs available in Oracle Apps?
18. How the oracle Applications recognizes the print style?
===in concurrent program registration we will select the print style.
19. what is the use of Row & column columns in Report Definition above the printer style?
===we can particular rows & colums in the report output.
20. When the workflow back end process will run in the order cycle?
21. Can you customize a workflow?
22. How a multi org concept effects in GL module?
23. What is a miscellaneous receipts & issues?
24. Do you face any performance related issues in your work?
25. What is TCA architecture?
===trade community architecture
26. What are the tables effected when ‘ship confirm’?
27. In the order cycle, where it is interrelate with other oracle modules like INV, AR etc.
28. what are the table affected when you make a customer under credit hold?
( hz_customer_profiles)
29. What is the data available in HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS and HZ_CUST_ACCT_SITES_ALL?
30. Which trigger fires first in Reports?
31. What will fire first when a parameter is defined in Report in Reports 6i and the parameters are not defined in Program definition?
32. Can we give a parameter as mandatory(i.e. Required flag –Yes) and display is disabled?
33. What are the possible values we can give in a value set?

1. what do you do if record is rejected while using sql*loader?
2. what are exceptions used for utl_file?
3. how can you move flat file from one directory to another directory after loading is over?
4. how can you update a record while selecting it?
5. what are reports and forms registration steps?
6. how can you change the format of the report from char to bitmap?
7. Where do you test your pl/sql code?
8. What is the flow of interface ?
9. What is the flat file type you received?
10. Where you get the error file while you run the sql*loader from Oracle Applications?
11. What is page protect?
12. What are different anchors?
13. How do you insert a record from reports?
14. What are the different user exists used in your reports?
15. Have you used the FTP for transeferring the data to your server? Explain process?
16. What are ref cursors?
17. What are the UTL_FILE exceptions?
18. What are the validations of interfaces?

1. what are profile options(user&sytem)?
2. how can you insert a german language in _tl table?
3. can you validate using sql*loader?
4. if you have null values what u will do in control file?
5. What are the interfaces you have worked?
6. What is the api name you have called to insert data into base tables??
7. What are the mandatory parameters for this API?
8. What is the _B tables and _TL tables?
9. What are the exceptions used in your packages?
10. How & Where you update your custom folder name which is using for storing flat files to convert data to staging tables using UTL_FILE?
11. How you handle null columns using SQL*Loader?
12. What are the errors faced in your report customization?
13. When a report will compile in Oracle Applications?
14. When a Package should be compiled?
15. What are the columns used for KFF?
16. what are the columns used for DFF?
17. What is optio? And how it is used?
18. What are different Value sets?
19. How do you get a distinct customer in your validation set ?
20. What are profile options?
21. What are different profile option levels?
22. How do you assign a profile option for separate printer for each application?
23. Where do you create the profile option? (in which responsibility)
24. Difference between Data group & Request sets?
25. What is auditing? How do you define?

1. How do you get your tickets from your client?
2. What are AIM methodologies?
3. Where do you / your TL will test your developed program?
4. Who will do the functional steps to test your program?
5. What is latest work done?
6. On which platform you are working?
7. What is your client server platform?
8. How you make a barcode to be printed?
9. Where the work order details will store?
10. How you approach your work for any new thing, like finding the tables names etc.?
11. What is the use of Multi Org? How it supports ?
12. What is the difference between Multi org & Multi set of books?
13. How you assign the org id to your parametric view in apps?
14. What is the program name to post the entries in GL modules?
15. Tell any important tables of AP module?
16. Can you define a approval hierarchy in PO module?
17. What are the pre requisitions for this?
18. Can you define users & Responisbilities?
19. Can you install printer in Apps?
20. What are different validation types?
21. Have you created new profile definitions?
22. Have you defined any new KFF ?
23. What are the columns used fro KFF & DFF?
24. Have used the pair validation types?
25. Have you used the Custom.pll any where?
26. Can you work on WORKFLOW?

1. What is multi org and explain in brief?
2. Explain any one multi org tables in AP.
3. What are the tables which stores receipt of stocks information in PO Module?
4. How you populate the data to apps view?
5. What data in PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL Table?
6. How to know the base of a PO Created i.e on which requisition it is created?
7. What is PL/SQL Table?
8. What is nested table?
9. What is the difference between PL/SQL Table & Nested table?
10. What is autonomous transaction? Where do you use it?
11. Can we use a commit in trigger? If we give does it accepts?
12. What is the difference between API & Open interface?
13. What the mandatory parameters in PL/SQL Procedure in APPS?
14. What is the retcode for program exited with warning?
15. How you insert a error message in log file through your procedures?
16. Can we update the data in a view?
17. Can we insert into a view created based on two tables?
18. What are instead off triggers? Give syntax?
19. What are ref cursors?
20. What is pragma restrict references?
21. What are basic triggers in Reports?
22. What are the different user exits used in reports?
23. How you activate a additional layout through your report?
24. What is a pre requisite to use a custom table to create a table type value set ?
25. What is the package and procedure name to register a table?

1. How do you find the installation details like Version Name etc. with a sql command?
2. What are Weak & Strong Cursors ?
3. What is “RETURNING CLAUSE” pl/sql?
4. What are different Exceptions Available?
5. Which is best User defined / Pre defined Exceptions for decoding the PL/SQL Code?
6. In SQL*Loader, suppose some n th record is found some error and it can not inserted into table from this record it should terminate? How?
7. How do you activate the secondary layout using the user defined parameter?
8. What is the other functionality available in Oracle like IN LINE Query?
9. How do you run a Concurrent program in APPS from backend without using FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST?
10. How many parameters we can define for a concurrent program in APPS.
11. What is Incompatibility in Concurrent Program Definition?
12. What are different types of Purchase Orders?
13. What are the flow of ATO order?
14. What the following query returns “SELECT NVL(‘10’, 0) from Dual”?
15. What is Restricted Procedure in Forms?
16. Which trigger will fire first, Pre Insert in Forms or Before Insert in Back end?
17. What is order of firing of triggers for Text Item?
18. What is Ref Cursor?
19. What is the maximum number for SAVE POINTS can we give in SQL?
20. After inserted a record in a table one save point is given, then deleted the same record and given a save point. But suddenly power gone and client system is shutdown. What is the status our records?
21. What are different triggers available in Reports
22. What are different user exits used by you?
23. What is SRW INIT and SRW EXIT will do and where should we give it?
24. What is the full form of SRW?
25. What is Responsibilty?
26. What are the mandatory columns to be given while creating the Responsibility?
27. What are the other optional columns in Creating Responisbility?
28. Why an application is needed in creation of responsibility at 3 places, After Responsibility Name, After Data Group, After Request Group?
29. What is Data group?
31. What are the tables involved & flow in HRMS interface?
32. What are the pl/sql tables?
33. What are different Execution methods?
34. What is the execution method used for group of request ?
35. What is the flow of OM Cycle
36. Ho do you submit a request from back end?
37. What is maximum number of Repeating frames we can give in a Report layout
38. What are different pre defined exceptions available in oracle?
39. How do you stop inserting records after 50 records are inserted from flat file through sql*loader
40. What are the api names used in converting data from staging to HRMS interfaces?

1. What is the Interface Tables used to convert PO_VENDORS
2. What is the Interface Tables used to convert AR_CUSTOMERS
3. What is TCA ?
4. Explain the OM life Cycle including Tables?
5. What are the tables used to develop the Booked Orders Report?
6. What is the difference between OE_ORDER_HEADERS & OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL
7. How do you set the ORG_ID from Sql Prompt?
8. How do you set the ORG_ID from Reports?
9. What is SRW_INIT? What it does?
10. What are the other user exists available?
11. What is the API Name for Creating Employee ?
12. What is the API Name for Creating Job?
13. What is the API Name for Assigning Roles to Employee?
14. What is the API Name for Creating Resource?
15. What is an OUTER JOIN?
16. What are different Value Sets?

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