Monday, 16 July 2012


Getting Profile values at different levels

This query will give the values of the profile option set at different level..
just use the profile option name or user profile option name which you see in the front end.
to query

SELECT user_profile_option_name,SUBSTR(e.profile_option_name,1,25) PROFILE
,DECODE(a.level_id,10001,'Site',10002,'Application',10003,'Resp',10004,'User') "Level"
,DECODE(a.level_id,10001,'Site',10002,c.application_short_name,10003,b.responsibility_name,10004,d.user_name) LValue
,NVL(a.profile_option_value,'Is Null') Value
,SUBSTR(a.last_update_date,1,25) UPDATED_DATE
FROM fnd_profile_option_values a
, fnd_responsibility_tl b
, fnd_application c
,fnd_user d
, fnd_profile_options e
, fnd_profile_options_tl f
--and e.profile_option_name IN ('FND_BRANDING_SIZE','ASO_COMP_LOGO')
and f.user_profile_option_name in ('FND: Branding Size')
AND e.profile_option_id = a.profile_option_id AND a.level_value = b.responsibility_id (+)
AND a.level_value = c.application_id (+) AND a.level_value = d.user_id (+)
and f.PROFILE_OPTION_NAME(+)=e.profile_option_name
ORDER BY e.profile_option_name; 


Queries Running in the Database(V$SQL) :

some times we want to know what are queries that are getting executed when any process is way of finding it is using the V$Sql..the SID and Serial# can be used to kill the session in case of long running queries
set pagesize 24
set newpage 1
set linesize 125
column sql_text format a100
column user_name format a12
select b.sid, b.serial# ,
substr(b.username,1,12) user_name,
from v$sql a, v$session b
where a.hash_value = b.sql_hash_value
and sql_text not like '%from v$sql s, v$session u%'
order by b.sid;

SQL> @cur_sql
sid serial user_name sql_text
5 390 apps select f.file#, f.block#, f.ts#, f.length from fet$ f, ts$ t where t.ts#=f.ts# and t.dflextpct!=0 an d t.bitmapped=0

To kill a session use the below command
alter system kill session '5,390';  


Dynamin IN Clause :

This is one good ways of writing dynamic in clause..

if you have a select stament where you are uing in clause to restrict the data.if you are not sure on the inclause statment
what you will do..
what i used to do is make a dynamica sql build inclause on run time and then execute it ..But there is another smart way of building it dynamically..


cursor c_cust_info is
select * from hz_cust_accounts where customer_class_code in ('CEMP','CEMP20','INDIV')

for making the inclause to by dynamic

cusror c_cust_info(c_in_statement varchar2)
select * from hz_cust_accounts where instr(c_in_statement,customer_class_code)>0

and open the cusor with the in clause you

for rec in c_cust_info('CEMP,CEMP20') loop

end loop; 


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