Monday, 16 July 2012


Debugger: Very useful tool for debugging a valid mapping to gain troubleshooting information about data and error conditions. Refer Informatica documentation to know more about debugger tool.
Test Load Options – Relational Targets.
Running the Integration Service in Safe Mode
  • Test a development environment. Run the Integration Service in safe mode to test a development environment before migrating to production
  • Troubleshoot the Integration Service. Configure the Integration Service to fail over in safe mode and troubleshoot errors when you migrate or test a production environment configured for high availability. After the Integration Service fails over in safe mode, you can correct the error that caused the Integration Service to fail over.
Syntax Testing: Test your customized queries using your source qualifier before executing the session. Performance Testing for identifying the following bottlenecks:
  • Target
  • Source
  • Mapping
  • Session
  • System
Use the following methods to identify performance bottlenecks:
  • Run test sessions. You can configure a test session to read from a flat file source or to write to a flat file target to identify source and target bottlenecks.
  • Analyze performance details. Analyze performance details, such as performance counters, to determine where session performance decreases.
  • Analyze thread statistics. Analyze thread statistics to determine the optimal number of partition points.
  • Monitor system performance. You can use system monitoring tools to view the percentage of CPU use, I/O waits, and paging to identify system bottlenecks. You can also use the Workflow Monitor to view system resource usage. Use Power Center conditional filter in the Source Qualifier to improve performance.
  • Share metadata. You can share metadata with a third party. For example, you want to send a mapping to someone else for testing or analysis, but you do not want to disclose repository connection information for security reasons. You can export the mapping to an XML file and edit the repository connection information before sending the XML file. The third party can import the mapping from the XML file and analyze the metadata.

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