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How to impress Interviewer in Interview?

How to impress Interviewer in Interview?

How to impress Interviewer in Interview?

Some do’s and don’t when you are going for your interview

Do you remember your first day in college? Your first motorcycle? You’re first Mercedes? And most importantly your first Job interview?

Hey, we always remember the thing which we do for first time. And most importantly we also remember the effort, pain; planning etc we do for that first thing. There is always a first time for everything and so with the job interviews.
In our life our first job is as important as our first job interview. We always learn every right from womb to the tomb. In
India, every year more than 30 lakhs people pass out from their colleges, with a goal to enter in a good job, good professional life and this is the time when a student enters into the world of reality.
It’s very important for one to prepare for their first job interview as we do when first time we go on a date. So the big question arises, how you will do that? (I am talking about job interview)
Being in HR vertical I have personally interviewed many people right from a fresher to people who were having more experience than my total age. From my experience I have learnt what as a recruiter I like and here are some of the five most important things that you should do when you are going for your first job interview.

1. Collect information about the company and job where you are going.:-
2. Be on time for the interview: -
3. Dress properly:-
4. Body Language: -
5. This is your last job interview:-
This is not your last job interview

1. Collect information about the company and job where you are going.:-
Before going for any interview, the first thing that you should do is to know about the company where you are going. Make sure you know following things about the company:-
a)Company name and the name of important management people.
b)In which business / industry the company is and who are main players in that industry.
c)About the job you are going to do (If you get the job description before interview).
d)Basic Knowledge about the industry in which company falls.
e)Major clients of the company. (If you can find it)
The above list is not the final one there are many more thing which you can find about a company. This information will increase your confidence, create an impression about you that you really want this job and associated with the company.
Source of Information:
a)Internet (search engines).
b)Company’s official website.
c)Your friends who may be working in that company.
d)The Placement agency who may have lined up for interview in that company.

2. Be on time for the interview: -
Punctuality is must at the time when you are going for an interview, unless and until there are some major problem. Always plan and keep spare time with you to reach the destination on time. But keep on thing in mind, even reaching one hour or two before interview timing is also not good. This makes you more nervous and most of the time you start feeling bore, so when you actually enter in interview cabin you feel exhausted and sleepy. And you tell me who needs a sleepy horse for the race.

3. Dress properly:-
Clothes are very important because its increase the confidence level of a person and make him / her comfortable. Always look good and be confident because the person on the chair in front of you always creates a first impression about you from your dress, dressing style, body language.
Do’s” For males: Shirt and trouser are the preffered one in
For Female: Shirt and trouser or salwaar kameej.
Don’t: Don’t wear jeans, t- shirts or revealing clothes. Don’t put strong perfume on your cloths. Don’t have too much accessories on your body.
4. Body Language: -
Your interview starts from the moment you enter in the cabin as interviewer starts analyzing you body language. Before entering the interviewer cabin always take permission from the interviewer to come in. Maintain a proper eye contact (please don’t stare) and listen carefully what he is saying and show your interest in that. The best why you can show your interest is lean little bit forward, hand movements, if you don’t understand any point ask it (but don’t ask every time to repeat the sentence). Always be calm do not speak like a jet plane, take your time and think before giving any answer (but don’t ask for the time to think. You have to run your brain like a jet plane).
Don’t keep your hands on table and cross your legs.

5. This is your last job interview:-
Keep in mind you have to get this job, there is no other option for you, so at any cost you have to get this job. This feeling and attitude will help you in giving your 150% in the interview and you will be more confident will do everything; give right answer for cracking the interview.

This is not your last job interview
Whenever you are going for an interview always make a statement in your mind that this is not your last job of your life this feeling give you the confidence to express yourself completely in front of the interviewer. It removes nervousness and help you in presenting what you are. Learn to fail because that gives you the confidence for the next time.

NOTE: I have given two options above; as I fell everyone is having different behavior and thought. It’s on you to decide which option you want to select.

The above mentioned points are just some of the few things that you should do before going for an interview. There are many other things which one can do…but if you follow the above mentioned requirements it will considerably improve your selection chances.
So, I am sure you will crack your job interview.

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