Friday, 20 July 2012

Find the Org and Organization mappings

Find the Org and Organization mappings

If you are given a new oracle apps project to work, the first thing you need to know is the organization structure. So if you have the DB access just run the below query. You can find out the LE-SOB-OU-INVORG mapping.

  ood.organization_code Warehouse_code,
  ood.organization_name Warehouse,
  ood.operating_unit OU_ID, OU_Name, Legal_entity,
  hle.set_of_books_id, SOB
  org_organization_definitions ood,
  hr_operating_units hou,
  hr_legal_entities hle,
  gl_sets_of_books gsob
  ood.operating_unit = hou.organization_id 
AND hou.legal_entity_id = hle.organization_id
AND gsob.set_of_books_id = hle.set_of_books_id

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