Monday, 16 July 2012

Difference between Datamarts and Data warehouse

Datamart Data Warehouse
1.Data mart is usually sponsored at the department level and developed with a specific issue or subject in mind, a data mart is a data warehouse with a focused objective. 1.Data warehouse is a “Subject-Oriented, Integrated, Time-Variant, Nonvolatile collection of data in support of decision making”.
2.A data mart is used on a business division/ department level. 2.A data warehouse is used on an enterprise level.
3.A Data Mart is a subset of data from a Data Warehouse. Data Marts are built for specific user groups. 3.A Data Warehouse is simply an integrated consolidation of data from a variety of sources that is specially designed to support strategic and tactical decision making.
4.By providing decision makers with only a subset of data from the Data Warehouse, Privacy, Performance and Clarity Objectives can be attained. 4.The main objective of Data Warehouse is to provide an integrated environment and coherent picture of the business at a point in time.

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