Monday, 16 July 2012


1. Target from Transformation: In Informatica 8X we can create target from Transformation by dragging transformation in Target designer
2. Pushdown optimization: Uses increased performance by pushing Transformation logic to the database by analyzing the transformations and Issuing SQL statements to sources and targets. Only processes any Transformation logic that it cannot push to the database.
3. New function in expression editor: New function have been introduced in Informatica 8X like reg_extract and reg_match
4. Repository query available in both versioned and non versioned Repositories previously it was available only for versioned repository.
5. UDF (User defined function) similar to macro in excel
6. FTP: We can have partitioned FTP targets and Indirect FTP File source (with file list).
7. Propagating Port Descriptions: In Informatica 8 we can edit a port description and propagate the description to other transformations in the mapping.
8. Environment SQL Enhancements: Environment SQL can still be used to Execute an SQL statement at start of connection to the database. We can Use SQL commands that depend upon a transaction being opened during The entire read or write process. For example, the following SQL command Modifies how the session handles characters: Alter session set
9. Concurrently write to multiple files in a session with partitioned targets.
10. Flat File Enhancements:
  • Reduced conversion of data types
  • Delimited file performance has improved
  • Flat file now can have integer and double data types
  • Data can be appended to existing flat files
Informatica power center 8 is having the following features which makes it more powerful, easy to use and manage when compared to previous versions.
  • Supports Service oriented architecture
  • Access to structured, unstructured and semi structured data
  • Support for grid computing
  • High availability
  • Pushdown optimization
  • Dynamic partitioning
  • Metadata exchange enhancements
  • Team based Development
  • Global Web-based Admin console
  • New transformations
  • 23 New functions
  • User defined functions
  • Custom transformation enhancements
  • Flat file enhancements
  • New Data Federation option
  • Enterprise GRID

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