Thursday, 21 June 2012


OEXCRDIS Credit Order Discrepancy Report
OEXDERUL Defaulting Rules Listing Report
OEXIODIS Internal Order and Purchasing Requisition
Discrepancy Report
OEXOEACK Sales Order Acknowledgement
OEXOECCH Orders on Credit Check Hold Report
High–Level Design 2 – 55
Oracle Proprietary, Confidential Information––Use Restricted by Contract
OEXOECCL Lines on Credit Check Hold Report
OEXOECOD Comprehensive Order Detail Report
OEXOECRO Credir Order Detail Report
OEXOEIOD Order/Invoice Detail Report
OEXOEIOS Order/Invoice Summary Report
OEXOEITR Orders by Item Report
OEXOEOCR Cancellation Reasons Detail Report
OEXOEOCS Cancelled Orders Report
OEXOEORR Returns by Reason Report
OEXOEORS Credit Orders Report
OEXOEPCL Processing Constraints Listing Report
OEXOESOS Salesperson Order Summary Report
OEXOEUBK Unbooked Orders Report
OEXOHHSA Hold Source Activity Report
OEXOHOHS Outstanding Holds Report
OEXORDTP Transaction Types Listing Report
OEXPODIS Sales Order and Purchase Order Discrepancy Report
OEXPRPRD Order Discount Detail Report
OEXPRPRS Order Discount Summary Report
OEXWFASG Workflow Assignments Report

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