Monday, 24 September 2012

Scheduling the Concurrent program

Scheduling the Concurrent program
We can submit the Concurrent program future date or date by using 
the schedule button in SRS window
As soon as possible: This is default option whenever we submit the
 request it will submit the as soon as possible
Once: It will submit the rest only once for future date.
Periodically: WE can specify the from_date and to_date to submit 
program periodically no of. Days months, hours, minutes and so on.
Specific Days: If we want submit concurrent program in the specific 
days we write select this option
Save this Schedule: This check box will be used to save the schedule 
and apply same schedule to other concurrent programs 
by selecting the button called 'Apply save schedule'
NOTE: After schedule the Concurrent program we can also 
cancel by selecting the cancel button.

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