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Order Management Setups - Quick Codes

Order Management Setups - Quick Codes

QuickCode is an internal name of a value defined in an Oracle Workflow Lookup type. These Values can be seeded or User defined.
The Lookup code is stored in the attribute, but the code’s translated meaning will be displayed whenever the attribute value is viewed by the end User.

You can create QuickCodes for Order Management. QuickCode types that you can define include: 
• Cancellation Codes
• Credit Cards
• Freight Terms
• Hold Types
• Note Usage Formats
• Release Reasons
• Sales Channels
• Shipment Priorities
• Cascading - line attributes that will be updated as a result of header changes

You can create as many quickcodes as you need. You can also disable QuickCodes.
The Access Level toggles display whether you can define new Lookup Codes. You can modify User and Extensible Lookup Codes; however, system code cannot be modified. Contact your system administrator. The access level toggles display whether you can define new Quick Codes.

To define quickcodes:
1.    Navigate to the Oracle Order Management Lookups window.
Order Management > Setup > QuickCodes > Order Management.
2.    Query the Lookup Code Type.
3.    Enter the Access Level - User, Extensible, System.
4.    Select the Application you want to use to define QuickCodes.
5.    Enter a description of the code.
6.    Enter the effective dates for the Lookup Code.
7.    Check Enabled to activate the Lookup Code.
8.    To inactivate the Lookup Code, deselect the Enabled box.
9.    Save your work.

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