Monday, 2 March 2015

Form Customization

Form Customization:
Pre requisites for form customization.
Get the library files (Resource folder files , APPSTAND, APPTREE, APSTAND and TEMPLATE) from the au top and place them in C:\orant\FORMS60.
Then change the start in location to the place where you copied the library files.

Save it.
Now open the form builder à
When you are creating a new form, make sure that you are taking the source file as template file and develop the form.
Cd /shared-u11/oracle/erpdevappl/custom/1.0.0/forms/US

f60gen module=XXVLDT.fmb userid=user/Password module_type=FORM output_file=/shared-u11/oracle/erpdevappl/custom/1.0.0/forms/US/XXVLDT.fmx compile_all=special

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