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Tehnical Flow of OM

Tehnical Flow of OM

Understanding data flow for “Standard Order”

1. Order Entry
This is first stage when Order in enter in system.When the order is entered it basically create a record in order headers and Order Lines table.
•oe_order_headers_all (Here the flow_status_code as entered)
•oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code as entered) ( order number is generated)

2.Order Booking
This is next stage , when Order which is entered in step 1 is booked and Flow status changed from Entered to Booked.At this stage , these table get affected.
•oe_order_headers_all (flow_status_code as booked ,booked_flag updated)
•oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code as awaiting shipping, booked_flag updated)
•wsh_new_deliveries (status_code OP open)
•wsh_delivery_details (released_status ‘R’ ready to release)
Same time, Demand interface program runs in background And insert into inventory tables mtl_demand

3. Reservation
This step is required for doing reservations SCHEDULE ORDER PROGRAM runs in the background and quantities are reserved.Once this program get successfully get completed , the mtl_reservations table get updated.

4. Pick Release
Ideally pick release is the process which is defined in which the items on the sales order are taken out from inventory.
Normally pick release SRS program runs in background . Once the program get completed these are the table get affected:
•oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code ‘PICKED’ )
•wsh_delivery_details (released_status ‘S’ ‘submitted for release’ )
(move order tables.Here request is generated to move item from saleble to staging sub inventory)
•Mtl_material_transactions_temp (link to above tables through move_order_header_id/line_id

5.Pick Confirm
Items are transferred from saleble to staging Subinventory.
•wsh_delivery_details (released_status ‘Y’‘Released’ )

6.Ship Confirm
Here ship confirm interface program runs in background . Data removed from wsh_new_deliveries
•oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code ‘shipped’)
•wsh_delivery_details (released_status ‘C’ ‘Shipped’)
•mtl_material_transactions(linked through Transaction source header id)
•Data deleted from mtl_demand,mtl_reservations
•Item deducted from mtl_onhand_quantities

7.Enter Invoice
This is also called Receivables interface, that mean information moved to accounting area for invoicing details.
•Invoicing workflow activity transfers shipped item information to Oracle Receivables.
•ra_interface_lines_all (interface table into which the data is transferred from order management)T
•Then Autoinvoice program imports data from this
•Table which get affected into this stage are recievables base table.
ra_customer_trx_all (cust_trx_id is primary key to link it to trx_lines table and trx_number is the invoice number)
ra_customer_trx_lines_all (line_attribute_1 and line_attribute_6 are linked to header_id (or order number) and line_id of the orders)

8.Complete Line
In this stage order line leval table get updated with Flow status and open flag.
•oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code ‘shipped’, open_flag “N”)
9.Close Order
This is last step of Order Processing . In this stage only oe_order_lines_all table get updated.
These are the table get affected in this step.
•oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code ‘closed’,open_flag “N”)
These are the typically data flow of a order to cash model for a standard order.

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